An optically clear, peel away film installed on the outside of your windshield to protect it from cracking or breaking from road debris.

A cracked windshield – most every driver has had one at some point.

It’s an inconvenience and an expense to get fixed. The truth is that windshield damage happens to so many people that windshield replacement is a billion dollar a year industry in the US. Most replacement windshields aren’t the same glass that was originally installed by your car’s manufacturer. And many replacement windshields are not installed properly and are prone to leaking. Once your car’s original windshield has been replaced, even with factory glass, the structural integrity of the car as it rolled off the assembly line is compromised.

That is where Bray Windshield Skin comes in.


Bray Windshield Skin is an optically clear, peel away film that is installed on the outside of your windshield to protect it from cracking or breaking from road debris, saving you the hassle and inconvenience of windshield replacement.

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